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NHF's 72nd Bleeding Disorders Conference

Every year the Nebraska Chapter sends members of our community to NHF's Annual Meeting. This year the meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA from August 6-8th . If you are interested in attending, the deadline to fill out the application is April 1st, 2020! 

Please keep in mind that the grant may not cover all the expenses that go along with this trip. A committee will determine who we will send and how much of the budget will go to each family or individual chosen.

Preference will be given to families who have not attended the meeting before. 

Each year the Nebraska Chapter will fund the following Attendees completely (including airfare, hotel, conference registration, ground transportation, baggage fees):

·         Two Staff

·         One Board Member (and family if affected by a bleeding disorder)

The remaining number of travel grants will be awarded based up the amount the Nebraska Chapter has allotted in their yearly budget, and this amount is discussed and approved by the Advisory Board of Directors. 

Travel Grants will be awarded in the following amounts:

Families of 1-4 - up to $1500

Families of 5-8 - up to $2500


·         Preference will be given to applicants who are 1st Time Attendees  (those who have never attended a National Conference)

·         Preference will be given to applicants who did not attend the National Conference the previous year.

·         Preference will be given to applicants who are actively involved in Nebraska Chapter activities.


Upon receiving a travel grants recipients will be required to do the following:

·         Sign & return a receipt stating they received the grant

·         Submit receipts for expenses incurred under the travel grant.  Only receipts for hotel, airline & conference registration will be accepted. 

·         Submit to the Chapter a short synopsis of their trip including benefits, things learned, benefit to their children, if applicable.

NHF offers travel grants separate from what the Chapter offers. The deadline for their travel grants is February 12th. We encourage you to apply for NHF's funding as well as the Chapter's funds are limited. More information can be found online here: