Medical ID Bracelets

The Nebraska Chapter provides free medical alert identification jewelry to the bleeding disorder community in Nebraska and surrounding states served by the Nebraska HTC at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Children’s Hospital. Medical alert IDs can be a crucial life-saving measure during an emergency. 

Orders will be accepted for community members who are current patients at the Hemophilia Treatment Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Children’s Hospital. Your patient status will be verified with the HTC prior to placing an order. 

Orders are limited to one bracelet per patient per calendar year, or one necklace per patient per every two years.


1. Complete the Consent to Contact form HERE. We cannot process your order without this form. 

2. Complete the Medical Alert ID order form below. Forms missing information will be rejected. After filling out the form, please save the form to your computer with the file name "YOUR NAME_Medical Alert ID Order". 

Don’t guess your wrist size. Instead, make sure you measure your wrist size for your bracelet. There are no reorders for bracelets that are the wrong size. Refer to the link below for a printable tape measure.

3. Email your completed form to with the subject line "NEW MEDICAL ID REQUEST".

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